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SUMMIT Leadership Camp

The UTAH Camp That Will Change Your Teen's Life

Introducing SUMMIT, an exclusive 5-day high adventure experience for youth ages 14 to 17. With activities like sailing, climbing, and kayaking, your teen will be trained to navigate unfamiliar terrain with a process that will rewire how they approach every uncertainty in life. The camp is designed to be challenging, which is why you will need to work with your peers to solve obstacles that stand in your way. After all, it’s never a straight line to the SUMMIT–that’s why we call it an adventure.


Every day will be a new adventure with 10+ activities!


Hike to the Summit!


Kayak Adventure Bliss!~

Field Games

Work with your Team!


Conquer New Heights!


Catch the Wind!

SUMMIT'S Impact Stories

"I loved being able to spend time in nature, connecting with other people my age, while having opportunities to grow myself physically, emotionally, and mentally."

Past Participant 

What Parents Had Shared

"I love the atmosphere and intention of your camp. Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful experience for my child. I hope she can come again next year."

Parent Testimonial 




Meet SUMMIT'S Founder, Martin Frey

The First Person to Climb the 7 Summits & Sail the 7 Seas!

Guinness world-record holder, Martin Frey, gained worldwide recognition when he became the only person to climb the Seven Summits and sail the Seven Seas. Through his expeditions he has learned to appreciate the power of adventure to build character and improve well-being. Martin is now dedicated to mentoring youth and preparing them to climb and achieve their own summits in life.

His Key Messages:

• Principles of Self-leadership and Team Leadership

• Effectively Dealing with Anxiety, Fear and Uncertainty

• Developing Resilience and an Adventure Mindset

SUMMIT isn't your Typical Summer Camp

You will be challenged as an individual and as a team in a variety of situations where your success will depend on your ability to remain calm and focused. Along the way, you will learn how to find ways to succeed as a team even when Plan A doesn’t go as planned. If you’re just looking for an easy “walk in the park” experience, keep looking, you won’t find it here!

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