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Our Partners in Adventure

Empowering Youth Through Collaborative Partnerships

Summit Journeys is proud to partner with amazing community organizations who share our mission and values and work hand-in-hand with us to design customized programs or contribute resources, expertise, and networks to help us make a more meaningful impact in the lives of youth and ensure that access to quality outdoor programs is available to under-served youth across all socio-economic backgrounds.

Through our strategic partnerships, Summit Journeys extends its reach and impact, fostering collaborations with esteemed community organizations dedicated to youth development and environmental stewardship.

Our partners play a vital role in co-designing customized programs that cater to specific needs and goals, leveraging their resources, expertise, and extensive networks to enhance the quality and accessibility of outdoor experiences for all. Together, we strive to create inclusive and equitable opportunities for underserved youth, empowering them to explore, learn, and grow in nature's embrace. Join us in building a brighter future for the next generation through the power of partnership and outdoor adventure.

Our Generous Donors

Our Adventure Partners

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