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Find the out the details of your upcoming trips

Guide Contacts and Shift Coverage




If you take pictures on one the trips you are on, please post it here for marketing.

Create a new folder with the name of the trip and the date.

Example: "Rock Climbing 08/17/2023"

Summit Journeys Near Miss Report

Did an injury occur? Please complete an Incident Report instead.

Near Misses are defined as the occurrence of an incident without the component of harm. Harm is damage to a person or property. If harm has taken place to a guide or guest(s) an incident or accident has occurred. This form is for reporting of Near Misses only. This form is not a substitute for the Incident Report Form.  


Goals of Near Miss reporting:

  • Better understand circumstances that led to the near miss. 

  • To plan and implement immediate strategies to prevent further incidents.

  • To learn from peers by understanding what and how the near miss happened.


Who can fill out a Near Miss report? Any guide involved with the incident. Maybe the near miss involved multiple guides, everyone can complete one on their own. An individual guide can have something happen that we can all learn from.


How will reports be used? Near miss reports will ONLY be used to understand what occurred, help put in place safety measures, add additional training to avoid near misses in the future, and to aid in any debriefing if necessary. Near Miss reports will not be held against the guide(s).

Mountain Path

If you have any ideas about activities that we are not doing yet, please share them here. 

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